Centuries Ago, a Cat Walked on this Medieval Manuscript

Check this out: Cats have been walking all over whatever we’ve been working on for centuries!

The picture in that article is of manuscripts from the University of Sarajevo, stumbled upon by doctoral student Emir O. Filipović. You can read more about it on the link at the beginning of this post. This finding really makes me smile.

Today is the letter C in my A-Z challenge. C is for Cat(s). And how they need constant attention.

Well, maybe not constant. Hours have gone by where my cats have lounged on the couch or on my bed, or on the sunlight filtering through the window and warming the floor. But when they do want attention, they want it right away. Working on an important document on your computer? Cats will jump right onto the keyboard and provoke much swearing, flailing, and anxious control-Z pressing. Making something crafty, let’s say, a necklace? And you haven’t strung it yet? Your cat will jump right into your masterpiece, causing beads to fly through the air – some never to be found again. Both of these have happened to me, and both will probably continue to happen.

It makes me wonder why cats are so aggressive about needing attention when they do want it.

I think usually when they do this, and other annoying cat things,, they are trying to tell you something. One of my cats went through a period of time where she peed on my bed, almost every day. I finally had to get an old shower curtain and put it on top of my bed so that she wouldn’t pee on it. Luckily, she didn’t decide to use other parts of the house as her litter box. I think she was trying to tell me something, though for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what. Still can’t. There are theories – she has a bladder infection, her litter box isn’t clean enough, she hates my roommate…Or, she just needs attention.

I have a habit of sometimes neglecting my cats a bit, I’ll be honest. Nothing like ignoring the litter box so it overflows or forgetting to feed them and give them fresh water. It’s more like not playing with them when I get home from work and am exhausted. Cats can be very aloof at times. They are known to be more independent than dogs, which is why I like them. They don’t need constant attention. But their behaviour can really puzzle me sometimes.

According to this article on about.com, there are many types of attention-seeking behaviour, namely:

  • “Lost in the night” howling
  • Begging for food and treats
  • Pawing your arm or leg

It’s interesting that “jumping on your life’s work” is not listed there. But the author does point out that a lot of these things come from stress and anxiety. Apparently cats experience those, too.

The same author talks about cats jumping on counters. She says that cats like to be high up, they like the smell of kitchen counters because of all the things that have been on them (and therefore, maybe dining tables as well), and they simply tend to go where we don’t want them.

But why?

It keeps coming back to this: They’re bored. They need attention. The article I just linked to is about cats knocking things off tables, dressers, shelves, etc. But it is similar enough to them jumping onto and walking over your keyboard, sending strange messages to your friends on Facebook.

I guess this is more a lesson for me. Instead of coming home, dumping my things on the floor, and barely even saying hi to my cats, maybe I should pet them and play with them for a few minutes. Maybe I need to watch their behaviour out of the corner of my eye so I know whether or not they’re going to jump. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it: Cats are just cats. And we humans just have to deal with them doing their cat stuff. Some things will never change…Even centuries later.

But hopefully, this meme will always ring true:




***This post is part of the Blogging from A-Z April challenge. Starting with A, every post in April will be about a topic starting with a letter of the alphabet, consecutively. For more information, please visit the official page.***


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