A is for April Fool’s

I am taking part in a challenge, the A to Z challenge (that’s “zed” if you’re in Canada), where each topic has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. Today is April 1st, so today is A. And I’m writing about April Fool’s.

There have been some really, really great April Fool’s jokes online today. For example, YouTube announced they are shutting down. And in order to do this, they have a panel that is voting on the best YouTube video of all time. The link I added says: “A spoof announcement on the site claims that ‘YouTube has been nothing but a contest to find the best video, and the 8-year-long submission period is finally closing tonight.’ It says YouTube will be closed for the next decade while it reviews every video, and will reopen in 2023 with the winning entry as its only video.” Too bad. I liked YouTube. And that means they’re going to take down any videos I submitted. I hope I still have them somewhere.

(Kidding, of course.)

Seriously, watch the video. It’ll make you chuckle.

Then, Google unveiled their new Google Nose BETA. This one is going to be great. Not only can you search for beautiful pictures or interesting facts, but you can also SMELL them. That’s right – you search for a strawberry, you get to smell it. You search for “wet dog,” you get the pleasure (or un-pleasure?) of smelling Rover after he’s rolled around in a swamp. Google, once again, has created the ultimate tactile (nay, smelly) experience.


The “Guardian Goggles.”

Lastly, the UK paper The Guardian is releasing a pair of “Guardian Goggles,” which are glasses that look just like the real thing. Everyone around you will have no idea that you are wearing anything but simple spectacles. And the sensory stimulation you will experience is out of this world. The goggles will show you restaurant reviews just by looking at the establishment’s sign. Or, you can get facts about anything you lay your eyes on. And as they say in the video, “In the past, we used to think the future was in the future.” No, sir. It is NOW.

Before I sign off, I would like to mention my very own April Fool’s joke. I live in Canada. But I am not a citizen yet, nor am I even a permanent resident. I sent my application for permanent residency about a month ago, and I got an E-mail acknowledging they had received it. Today, I went on Facebook and updated my status to say, “Well, my PR application got rejected…” Now I sit and watch the responses roll in – and they are epic. Only one friend of mine and my boyfriend are in on the secret…And I will announce the reality around lunchtime.

Happy First Day of April!


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